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Fair Climate Network SA at COP17
Welcome to COP17

Fair Climate Network SA at COP17

Representatives of the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa will be present at COP17 in Durban, in order to push for pro-poor climate and energy activities and interventions. If you want to meet someone from the FCN SA in Durban, contact the secretariat via

Fair Climate Networks from Southern Africa and the Horn of Africa, together with Fairtrade Africa, are pleased to invite you to their joint side event at COP17 in Durban:

Fair Climate: Making Climate Finance Work for the Poor

This event explores how the carbon market and climate finance can contribute to sustainable development of poor communities and farmers.


  • Rob Cameron, CEO of Fairtrade International
  • Wim Hart, director ICCO


  1. Make carbon finance work for the poor.This presentation will provide an overview of the positions and objectives of Fair Climate Networks and Fairtrade. It will showcase the Fair Climate philosophy and explain why climate finance and carbon markets should work for the poor.

    Carlos Eugenio - Latin American and Caribbean Network of Small Fairtrade producers

  • Fair Climate Network and projects. This event will explore how pro-poor fair climate projects can be implemented in a sustainable and financially viable way. It will also show the necessity and benefits of bringing together organisations and expertise in the Fair Climate Networks, as well as the services the FCN SA will deliver.

    Jaap de Jong - Coordinator Fair Climate Network Southern Africa

  • Fair trade and climate finance. This event will explore how climate finance should work for fair trade value chains.

    The event will close with a panel discussion, which involves all speakers.


    • Date: Wednesday 30 November 2011
    • Time: 11.30 – 13.00 hrs
    • Location: Durban Exhibition Centre Room: Blyde River (room 5)

  • Posted on 11 Nov 2011
    Website FCN SA online

    Website FCN SA online

    The website for the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa is now online! displays the objectives and activities of the network, and provides an overview of the member organisations. The website also offers an introduction to carbon markets and projects. In the future, member organisations will be able to share expertise and best practices online. If you have any suggestions for improvement of the website, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat.

    Posted on 14 Oct 2011

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